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pebble boot tray

DIY Pebble Boot Tray

Here’s a quick project to dress up your plain black boot tray! Add white, black or a mix of colored pebbles for a cute place to store wet boots.


How do you make a pebble boot tray?

It’s so easy — just pour pebbles into the boot tray and use your hands to smooth them out. Make sure to cover the entire bottom of the tray.

Here’s a visual to help you see exactly how to do it.


What kinds of pebbles work best?

Larger pebbles will work better than a lot of small ones. Your boots will sit on top of a layer of these pebbles, allowing water and melting snow to drip down through the stones and onto the boot tray. Having your boots slightly elevated, and not standing in a puddle, will help them dry faster.

You’re going to need quite a few pebbles, depending on the size of your boot tray. You can find them in a craft store or a garden center. Here’s a nice selection of stones from, and they all qualify for free shipping! (That’s important because pebbles are quite heavy in large amounts.)


White Beach Pebbles, 20 pounds

Polished Black River Stones

Polished Black River Stones, 4 pounds

Polished Multi-Color River Rocks
Polished Multi-Color River Rocks, 4 pounds


What about using sea glass or marbles?

Polished sea glass pebbles, or any tumbled glass pieces, turn a boot tray from plain to stunning. Use just one color to match your entryway decor, or use a rainbow of colored sea glass for a lovely effect.

Glass marbles are also an option, although they may roll around too much and cause the boots to fall over. You could glue the marbles to the boot tray, but that would make it harder to clean mud and leaves from the tray.


How do you clean the boot tray?

When your pebbles get dirty or muddy, simply scoop them up and hose them off. Hose off and wipe down the boot tray. Pour the pebbles back into the bottom of the tray and you’re done!


“How to Fill a Boot Tray with River Rocks”




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